About Us

Knit Purl Sew is a micro-business that began as an online store under the name Knit Purl Yarn Boutique, then as a small yarn store in Kalamunda, Western Australia.

Just as Covid-19 closed everything down we had shut our little shop in Kalamunda and operated as home based online business. During this time the business continued to grow and we changed the name to Knit Purl Sew.  

After a year and half Knit Purl Sew needed more storage! We moved to a commercial premises in Bassendean which had a small shop front for the dedicated fans of Knit Purl Sew to get their fix of beautiful yarn.  This shop front has since closed as we try to perfect the mix of managing a much needed business for our customers and our own wellbeing, so the decision was made to return to operating as an online only business and for this reason we dispatch one day a week - Wednesdays.

We hope you love the products we sell at Knit Purl Sew and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest news.