Covid-19 Update

Author: Lena Dunn   Date Posted:24 March 2020 

Hi all,

Recently I shut the store at Kalamunda and jetted off on a desparately needed holiday overseas that had been booked many months ago. Well wasn't that bad timing? 

During that trip our Prime Minister imposed the 14 day self isolation for any Australians coming back from overseas. I'm now in this self isolation (feeling fine so far) and planning on spending the next two weeks improving the website and working on my unfinished crochet and knitting projects.

I hope you are staying well, enjoying shopping on this website and keeping your distance from as many people as possible.

If you do order anything, it will be shipped from Monday 6th April as this is the soonest I can get to the post office.

In the meantime I'll be making the most of going make-up free, finding ways to entertain my two staffies who are just loving having me home and watching a lot of Netflix.

Stay healthy guys, 



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